Thursday, July 1, 2010

Like American Apparel, but less skeezy

A quick review of the obvious: Kitty porn is pornographic in nature because it's obscenely cute. It is an explicit display of adorable animals, intended to stimulate warm and fuzzy feelings and often includes exclaiming "Aww!" after immediate viewing, like this little vomit primer above.

So being a petophile may be a little embarrassing (hello, cat ladies!), but it's innocent fun—unlike American Apparel ads, which this shot reminds me of, albeit tamer and without the acute creepiness. Even creepier, however, is the "vertically integrated" company's CEO, who looks like he's a director from a '70s porno ... at best.

More fur, less skeeze, please.

(Photo courtesy of the Petophile.)

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