Sunday, October 31, 2010

You're freaking me out

The Petophile has had visitors recently from all around the world who:
a) found this site by Googling "petophile,"
b) visit lasted 0 seconds
c) have not visited again.

This leads me to believe that these visitors weren't interested in cute kitties, are terrible at spelling, and the implications of that seriously freaks me out. The hall of shamers visited from:

- Eastpointe, Michigan

- Lugau, Sachsen, Germany

- Winchester, New Hampshire

- Alabaster, Alabama

- Crofton, Maryland

- Olean, New York

- Fort Smith, Arkansas (searched for "petophyle")

- Mount Druitt, New South Wales, Australia

- Fulton, Missouri

- Brandon, Florida

- New Delhi, Delhi, India

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