Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Petophile kind of reads another book

Who wants another book review? Nobody? Ah, who asked you, anyway.

Here we've got Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice From the World's Foremost Feline Columnist. The book is "authored" by Sparkle, a little minxy Somali breed cat. The book consists of letters written Dear-Abby style by cats to Sparkle, thus the "cat-to-cat" part in the subtitle. They are divvied up into different sections—"Games Kitties Play," "Cat vs. Human," "Epi-curious"—with each response accompanied by a photo of Sparkle. The photos (what the Petophile was really interested in, obviously) are amatureish, but since that's usually OK for kitty porn, they get a pass. Just barely. This is actually a decent book to read or to give to someone who lacks understanding of cats, and because it's masked in Sparkle's "voice" it makes it humorous. You know, a little sugar to make the medicine go downskis.

Above is one of the better photos. I believe it depicts Sparkle (on the right) messing up a tort's face.

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