Sunday, November 7, 2010

Russian predator cat kept as a pet

The Petophile is breaking format because the photos below are just too crazy, that I do not trust you lazy purrverts out there to click on the link if I provide it. 

These photos come from what looks to be a Russian website, If anybody out there can translate what it says, please report back to the Petophile! I'm incredibly curious. 

In order of how they are posted, here's the series:

That's a serious-looking cat. The size of its nose is huge.

It's starting to get weird ...

What the hell is going on here?!

Why is this beast living in an apartment? That's so unnatural.

OK, that's pretty funny.

Wait, what? Weird things happen in that bathtub.

I understand the need for a wild animal to hunt its own food, but, again, why is this wild animal in a domestic environment?

Uh ...

I bet all their pillows are stuffed with feathers. 
Does blood come out of hardwood ... ?

And the killer on the dinner table? I guess one may get mauled if one tried to shooed him away.

Hold up: This is way too pervy. Sorry for judging, folks, but really? On the computer shirtless? It's starting to make sense ... sort of. No, it still doesn't make any sense.

Good thing they get live chickens and catfish for this beast, otherwise, it might otherwise be compelled to eat the house cat.

And a few "Aw, isn't it adorable when the killing machine plays?" shots.

Demon eyes! Just kidding.

But that does look freaky. And, dang, that nose!

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