Friday, November 26, 2010

Teepee for cats

 The Petophile loves cats (duh) and teepees. 
But what about a teepee for cats?

Online boutique Montreal Designers has these little cardboard shelters for felines for $24. 
The most interesting part of the product's description (which feels a bit politically incorrect):
"The Native American Teepee for Fluffy Little Critters is also adapted for corpulent cats (up to 40lbs)."
Whoa. Who the heck has 40-pound cats? Not cool, dude. Scale back on the kitten chow.

If anyone out there purchases one of these shelters, you must send photographic evidence of your animal inside. Or you could try making your own, which the Petophile will also require photos of. Required, dangit!

Chalet for Cats /// Loyal Luxe
There's also a cat chalet ...

The Gamer /// Loyal Luxe
... bow ties for pups ...

The Gamer /// Loyal Luxe   The Gamer /// Loyal Luxe
  ... and kittens.

The Milkman /// Loyal Luxe
Basically, they have a lot of bow ties.

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