Friday, March 4, 2011

ASPCA headlines. What will you do?

Just checked in with ASPCA online. It has lots of great kitty and puppy porn—it's called Cute Photo of the Day—but the animal-welfare case headlines are nothing short of shocking.

"West Virginia Farm Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty Over Dead Horses"
Here, 28 dead horses were found on his farm, all apparently dead due to starvation. County Sheriff James Childers is quoted in the story saying, "There's no evidence of feed anywhere on the farm that we've [seen] yet." 

The heart sinks, breaks, and then the next headline:

 "More Than 100 Dogs Rescued from Alleged Puppy Mill Operation in Ohio"
 Stephanie Moore, the executive director of the Medina County SPCA, says in the story, "This is the single worst environment I have ever seen. We literally had to climb onto a layer of feces, urine and garbage to get inside the house. It was at least two feet high."
The story goes on: "Moore said that the two women fed the dogs raw kale and uncooked rice and that the canines had no water bowls."

Please don't buy puppies: adopt from rescue shelters. If there's no demand, people who breed and raise inhumanely won't have any incentive to create animals to mistreat.

"Florida Man Accused of Killing Brother's Miniature Horse, Dog"
The story says, "Walton County sheriff's deputies say they went to the pen where the horse was kept and found bloody drag marks and tire tracks."

What? Why? Why?

It's hard to imagine a good reason. What can we do to act on behalf of abused animals? What can you do as an individual to prevent or stop cruelty and torture?

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