Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giraffe "I Want to Live Here" Manor

Must break mold again: The following post will not contain original photos by the Petophile or its acquaintances. The exception is being made because to merely describe the content and withhold showing the images would undoubtedly fail to communicate the severity of the situation.

So take a deep breath and look ...

 This is real, folks. This is really happening! 
(Photo from Spot Cool Stuff.)

Eat Breakfast with a Giraffe
This little piece of heaven is called Giraffe Manor. It's in Nairobi, Kenya. It's a hotel and giraffe sanctuary—especially for the endangered Rothschild species. The beautiful mansion was built in 1932 as a private residence and turned into a sanctuary in 1974.
(Photo from Spot Cool Stuff.)

Eat Breakfast with a Giraffe
The giraffefaces stick their heads in windows and doors in hopes of getting a little tasty treat from any one of the amused humanoids. (Warthogs live there, too, but judging by the length of their necks, visitors don't have to worry about them peeking in through the windows.)
  (Photo from Spot Cool Stuff.)

  (Photo from here.)

Giraffe Manor
Severely amazing.
(From Safaris Unlimited.)

A Rothschild giraffe at the front door of Giraffe Manor.
Come and knock on our door. We'll be waiting for you. Where the kisses are GIRAFFES!

 A travel website says it costs about $360 or so per person a night to stay in the lovely building and have a giraffe perhaps pop its even lovelier head into your second-story bedroom or over the table during breakfast. Or lunch. Maybe even dinner. Either way, somebody please send me there.

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