Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best kitten website

While there's plenty of kitten porn on the Interwebs for all of you purrverts, I think I've come across the mother lode: Cats That Look Like Hitler. It kind of puts this site to shame. Oh, wait, there was already plenty of shame in it.

Anyway, the kittens on the site are called "kitlers," and they all have markings that look like toothbrush mustaches, the facial-hair style of everyone's favorite person of the 20th century to hate, Adolf Hitler. And you can rate the beasts, too. Snowball definitely deserves a 10. He looks kind of mean, but if I were his cousin, I'd totally marry him. Rate him a zehn!

Some people think the site is offensive, making light of some serious human lameness with cute kittens, which, one must admit, Petophile is guilty of, too.

But CTLLH is so good, it has been mentioned on The Colbert Report and CNN. I wonder if Colbert would be interested in plugging Petophile kitty porn? He is from a Catholic family, after all ...

Also, CTLLH is perhaps the one good thing that has come out of ubiquitous hipster facial-hair trends. Some mustaches are forever, dudes.

(By the way: The guy was right in that CNN story. This cat does look more like Charlie Chaplin than Hitler.)

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