Saturday, September 25, 2010

Walk with me, people

Oh, Farm Sanctuary, how the Petophile appreciates your rescuing adorable factory farm animals and advocating for better treatment of them, and thereby human beasts, too.

The sanctuary is holding an event, Walk for Farm Animals, on October 9 in 32 states—including Washington, D.C.—and seven Canadian cities. The purpose? Spread awareness and raise funds for the work that they do. One participant, Becca Costello, eloquently states the significance of the organization's mission:

"Even if you're perfectly content eating meat, the farm industry is still something you should pay attention to. The environmental and health ramifications of the factory farming system affect all of us - the health of our ground water, the reliability of our antibiotics, the cleanliness of our food. Farm Sanctuary does more than any organization I know to hold the farming industry accountable for their practices, which is why I'll be walking for them."

The Petophile agrees! Join the walk in a city near you, help Becca meet her sponsorship $100 goal (she's halfway there!) or sign up for what they call a "No-Walk" walk.

Man, they are making it easy to be responsible and compassionate.

 (Photo by the Petophile.)

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  1. Thank you for your support, Shoka! I am grateful!