Thursday, September 9, 2010

Green fruit beetle

The Petophile found these two green fruit beetles on a sidewalk in coitus. So when the Pet returned from fetching a proper camera for a little bug porn, the male was in midst of the walking-away, "thank you ma'am" part after the ole "wham bam."

Their exoskeletons were glowing and a brilliant metallic green while mating, but they seemed to become dimmer afterward.

The Petophile got a little help identifying these fruit eaters via an excellent website, What's That Bug?, which features a couple of scandalous beetle orgy photos

People have been sending in a photos of insects that they want identified to Daniel Marlos' site, WTB, for a decade, resulting in an awesome database of bugs from all around the world. It translates to 52 languages, so if you need to read about mysterious bugs in Latvian, you're in luck. (Oh! He could have called it What The Bug? instead. Never mind, that's a terrible idea. As terrible as a pet and animal website called "Petophile"? Yes.)

Marlos has a book coming out in October, The Curious World of Bugs, that is "illustrated with vintage drawings." Sounds curious.

(Photos by the Petophile.)

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