Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gangster Fries. And a squirrel.

Are you two readers out there sad because the past few posts have not been heavy on pictoral kitty porniness? To make it up to you, the Petophile presents ... Gangster Fries! 

What are Gangster Fries? Good question.
It's the signature dish of Phoenix, Arizona's own Eat This! Deli & Grill, located inside the Pump-N-Munch gas station. Yes, that is Pump-N-Munch. Photographic evidence:

What makes those fries so gangster? Well, they're topped with cheese, and you can get them with "xtra meat" for an additional $1.99.

 (I pitta the foo who can't spell "pita.")

 Tiny Toon Adventures characters on the menu? Is that kosher?
Well, purrvs, consider that your dose of bunny porn for today. So what if it's in the form of long-forgotten '90s-era animation? 

That was unfair to tease you two readers like that. Please accept the Petophile's apologies with this real (cute) rodent:

Just so there's no confusion, though, to the best of the Petophile's knowledge, this is not a gangster squirrel.

(Photos by the Petophile.)

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