Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why do girls love horses?

 What is the deal with the fascination girls have with horses? It's not as if guys aren't into them, but proportionately, females outnumber dudes. It's one of those mysteries I'd like to get a little more insight on. 

The Ultimate Horse Site, has a theory about it. It says that in the past horses were used as tools or servants for business and war, thus, males usually handled them. But as technology developed and the reliance on them for practical matters waned, their image changed and they became companion animals, and instead of "breaking them in," they were becoming trained in a way 
"similar to teaching a child. In many ways, the relationship between horse and rider is similar to the relationship between mother and child, which I believe is the main reason why so many girls are attracted to horses. ... Women and girls have the natural maternal instinct to want to take care of and raise children, and horses enable them to act on that instinct."

That was the least inane idea on the Webs when doing a simple search (i.e., "There is no answer to this. It's genetic I think.")

Anyone have a better theory on this? 

 (Photo by the Petophile.)

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  1. Girls like horses because they like things that are pretty?