Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who is Caseyface?

Caseyface is, apparently, the third most popular cat on the Internet (ranking behind Maru and Surprised Kitty), because people from all over the United States and the world—Italy, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Germany—are landing on the Petophile after searching for "caseyface porn"  or "who is caseyface."

Well, this is who she is: Casey is a beast. She is also obscenely cute, and due to this circumstance, has starred in her own videos, has had logos made from her likeness, and instead of meowing, squeaks. To boot, she does it all scantily clad, wearing nothing but a collar. Guess that's all it takes to warrant international fame these days.

 Not to say that she isn't talented. How many felines can jump vertically into small brown paper bags?

 She can.

And though she might be a vicious beast ...

 she's also so cute and cuddly ...

 ... that even shoes like to spoon with her.

Those pics were some of her greatest hits. Below is Caseyface in bed. Puke at your own discretion.

Later, purrvs.

(Photos by the Petophile and RCMII.)

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