Friday, January 21, 2011

Small dog, big feat

 This pup reminds me of the dog in that Tom Hanks classic Turner and Hooch.

 Minus the excessive drool, luckily. (Sleepyface, ho!)

And this is a small dog.

 So they meet. And the small dog somehow thinks he can fit that tennis ball in his small-dog mouth. Good luck with that, little fella. Hooch doesn't look too optimistic about the prospect of the wee one successfully getting his ball.

Holy cow, he did it!

And now he will be crushed by the giant Hooch stunt double for stealing his ball! Oh no! 
(Please note: No pooches were hurt in the making of these photos. But some humans did get nauseated by their cuteness while photographing them.)

(Photos by the Jyotiness.)

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